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FreeNationinc./Future Now

Future Now


1. I Will Sing buy track
2. He'll Do It Again buy track
3. The Victory Song buy track
4. I Overcame buy track
5. Only You Jesus buy track
6. Cheta buy track
7. Jesus (You Are Able) buy track
8. Magnificent God buy track
9. The Word Is Working buy track
10. The Word Is Working buy track
11. In Your Name
12. I'm a Miracle
13. I Testify
14. Jesus I Adore
15. Born and Raised for This
16. Grace Has Won
17. We Reign
18. Glory to Glory
19. On My Matter

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About Album

The “Future Now” album by Gospel music diva Ada is out and on all Music Platforms.

Ada’s Comment On The Album “Future Now”

“It is important that the people understand that the future is now. When you say future now, people think because she has blinks on the cover, she is forming [a] boning [face], they think its going to be… [talking about some form of technological advancement].Spirit of God is actually saying to me and I am saying through the title of the album Christ is now, as He was, he is and will remain. So everything you have to do and whoever you are, in accordance to who Christ is, is now.”

Artist: Ada
Labels: Dommedia, FreeNationINC.
Release Date: 16-10-2017
Genre: Pop
People: Ada

Album Reviews

Album Of The Year Every Year!!!


So much quality in one Album!!! Amazing

Global house music

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